Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The ULTIMATE "Man Room"

I recently worked on a project with a couple that I absolutely ADORE!

I met them at Ethan Allen a couple years back and helped them with their master bedroom design..

After we finished that project they started building the ULTIMATE "man room" for their 

business office/entertaining room/coffee room/napping quarters/etc/etc...

I think her honey thought that it was going to be just HIS room, but I'm pretty sure she is enjoying it 

JUST as much as he is!!! hehe

I really can't take all of the credit for how wonderful it turned out, because we really collaborated together to 

choose the fabrics, furniture, and layout for their space.

It was just soooo much fun!!!

 To be honest, I'm sad that the project is over because they are just so wonderful!

Folks like these make my job SO rewarding!!

Anywho, I hope you enjoy checking out the photos....

*all furniture and most accessories are from Ethan Allen
 My client has recently added dark roman shades to each window, and I wish I would have snapped photos!!  Dang it!

 A rug has also been added in this living space...forgot that too!  Dang it again!

 Not a bad place to have your meetings, right!??!
 The desk and media center are both built-ins, because we wanted specific sizes...I can't take credit for those either;)

 Those beautiful glass doors open up into a fully finished garage!  

I'm talking, the NICEST, most perfectly, glossed floors you have ever seen!  

It is perfect for entertaining large groups...they can open up those doors and it makes a nice large space!

 These big wing chairs are some of my favorite pieces in the space!  They turned out AWESOME!
Hope you enjoyed looking at the COOLEST man room on the face of the planet!

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